Gubbachiya Inchara

Gubbachiya Inchara

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Treasure of Distress

The treasure of distress; in the haunt of my bosom

There was pleasure in fighting

In forgiving in chasing

And when all ended, no pause no comma

It was no fake but just a sheer drama

With no trace left behind but only cold memory

Heavy was the charge on my hearts treasury

Ridiculously painful was the teasing story

Once which happened to be my golden glory

Touched no where it deeply sank into me

Clutched no where it was aggressively free

Haunted my thoughts and encouraged me to flee

To no where I knew but on top of the magical tree
Old and gigantic and stretched till sky

Wide and open were desires high

Dropped me down at good spree

Here I laid death to feed on free

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I lost without a Game
I lived without a Name

I merged without a Spell
I lived without a Tale

I came to you without a Cart
I call mysef HEART

I gifted you the love Cake
You returned with a Break to Take

I broke without a Sound
I served without a Bond

ln my memories you are treasured Well
With tears I bid you a Fairwell

- Gubachi

Friday, January 7, 2011

Dreaming into Perfection

A journey into myself.

Into the depths and on to the heights…

Loud in silence and silent amidst loud

Here was I unaware and knew what it was

Here was I brooding over abstract thoughts to concretize

Glances of truth; so shallow but so true

Countless as it seems unconquered

Senseless as it seems is the unknown

Ignored and hidden for ages

Laid open in front of our eyes with blindening light

Darkness more available and reached

Obvious and lure…but untrue and delusive

Countless names resounding the same

Countless hearts calling the ONE

When bound together danced in rhythm

He had no choice but to appear in the realm

In delicacy and in love Just as we folded our hands together!

All I knew All I want right in front of me unfolded greater

Speechless, beyond the limits of words

Was my love for the UNKNOWN King

Majestic and royalty much more than I dreamed

Hallowed king with his charming queen

Recalled the empty space in the Scene

Looked alike were the 2 dreams

One real the other rare streams

Held in one hand offered to me

Select the one u need to see

Either my heart or the world in deed

I thought no more and proceeded towards

King of royalty and the heaven upwards

Absolutely still were the stories ahead

No clue if they were huge or confirmed Dead

Trust for HIM whom I knew not more

As it seemed uncertain than ever so far

One step at a time brought me closer

to the lord god who said Welcome to my lover

In true spirits I gazed into the doors

Heavy were the lights that stilled the storms

Doubts disappeared remained the norms

Holy be thy name uttered my forms

Ending the myth I dwelt so far on

Serene in love my world felt in dawn

Fresh and ready all doubts gone

Blue were the dark and wet were sky

Brisk were the roads and flowers all by

Bright were ur rooms as red apple pie

Buried were worries you could say goodbye

Ringing chimes reminders of thy

Brushing ur thoughts for the true ally

Long awaited u see it all

And when you do it seems like just a recall

Awakened from dream or nightmare after all

Hard were the days now let them crawl

Away from you guarded by angelic wall

I wonder was it a dream or am I dreaming now

Perfect it seemed to wake and say chao

- Ashu

Unknown Untread

Lonely hearts and lonely roads are much better compared to broken hearts and broken roads. Walking alone for miles is fine but walking even a mile with someone and treading the rest alone is much more than difficult. As I parked my bike aside I looked around me not to find any familiar face. I searched for a serene place for myself. It was dark and very few people around celebrating Diwali and bursting crackers. Lit by rockets was the sky high above. As I watched the rockets dance their unique way and spill out their colors into the vast spread sky…a drop of tear rolled down my cheek unnoticed. I had no intension of wiping them off either. Blowing winds as if consoling dried them bit by bit. I wandered in my world of thoughts. I felt like a child who had to give away her toy and make no fuss as she was expected to have matured beyond. Confused and refused was well matched state of mine.

Sometimes truth seems so bitter and unacceptable.

I starred at the stars and wondered if I could make any alterations in them to hold him back. Hopeless as it seemed I began to convince myself to ground to reality. Though I tried to run my thoughts thru the tunnel I wanted they kept interrupting by speaking words of distress and pain…Strange but true that some relations end for no good reason…!