Gubbachiya Inchara

Gubbachiya Inchara

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Perfect Words to Win a Heart...

The rich pallu stayed heavy and elegant as it decorated me.
Heavy jewellery said no more than just a story of prosperity
Echoed the last words from parents out of sincerity
I was stepping into a world with absolutely no clarity…

As I knew not where I am heading to,
New was the place and new were you…
I hate to say this but I am still not sure
What am I up to or what is the lure

I had made a choice and that was you
And you were as new as the morning dew
Which could dry away, just as tender wind blew
As this thought crawled and grew
My heart shivered as it craved to know “who are you”

Just a total stranger whom I plan to grow old with
Am I dreaming or is it just a myth?
No retakes it’s true and not fake
Lifetime promise that I had made not to break
What if this turns out to be just one big mistake!!

I sat in silence amidst heavy noise
As if in agreement that I have no choice
Roses bright yet dull in their look
Sat by my side with their unknown duke
I knew not if they consoled me or wanted to be consoled
I just knew that I felt equally sold

As these thoughts domineered my view
I gazed through the window, into zeroes my thoughts flew
For a minute it scared me what misery this could be
Nightmare for life clutched, which would never set me free

I heard my heart screaming at me
“Just take a step and you will be free”
As I moved one step closer ready to flee
Felt a touch on my shoulder gentle but Glee
I knew it was over there no way I could disagree

As I turned around stood my partner in all his grace
“Isn’t it beautiful” he said with an embrace
As my Heart beats raised up to race
He held my hands as if in assurance
“Everything is perfect nothing to replace
Just your tears with a smile in its place”

To these words unfolded my tears
He laid my head gently on his shoulders
Shrugged my little heart & let the grudge molder
As He whispered into my ears
I feel I know you from years
You can feel my heart there is no fear
I know I am here just for you my dear

Cleared my doubts in just few words
Won my heart in just few flirts
He knew it was perfect and made me feel so
As if in agreement my heart took a bow
In front of my majesty who was not new any more
Royal and mine in just few seconds shore

- Ash

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Chemical Lochaa???!!!

There was light and light everywhere as I walked the fairies greeted me with a smile. It was very pleasant but something was striking really hard “Boss this is not happening! Yeh apun kaha arella hai??!” as I walked my royal foot on the beautiful rose petals with soft and smoothening music at the background…I reached my throne. Wait a min throne??? What’s happening I thought! I made myself seated on the throne and tried hard to look comfortable. Too much comfort was scaring the hell out of me!

And there walked an old man with big white beard, love filled in his glowing eyes…with a gentle smile and a MAJESTIC walk! He came and seated himself next to me. As the angel walked away…I bent to him and said “good job Mamu…acha walk kiya thu! Apun tho pull darr gaya…yeh ho kya raha hai?” and the man just kept staring at me still smiling. Confused I went a little closer and said “ ahem…apko hindi nahi athi?? You walk good…look good…talk I don’t know…I first time walk! What drama happening here??” the man now began to laugh! I said “Mamu inglis bhi nahi athi kya?”

The man still staring into my eyes...

The man still staring into my eyes clicked his fingers…and lo!!! We were in the middle of a forest!! Fresh green trees, warm and cushiony grass, silent trimmer to the scene was a beautiful lake! Birds chirping, light breeze, clear sky, romantic fragrance! Hmmm is this what we call heaven!
I jerked back looked at the man and said “apun marr gaya kya? Thu god hai kya? Aila…bapu aur ma ko kuch bataya nahi yaar…circuit ki tho fatt gayi hogi!!” ufff no change again in the Man’s expression…here u go with my inliss again! “Oye Mamu…you God? You giving me ticket?? But why??”
The Old Man: “Munna look around you. For a minute assume I give you chance to become Me (God).

Munna “offer tho tiik hai, lekin isase tere ko kya faida?”

GOD: Now tell me are you happy with what’s happening? I am on a mission and my children were my army. Now the army is dispersing in different directions and doing what they want and not what I want. What would you do.

Munna: “Rakake khaan ke neeche do bajane ka…sab apne aap line pe ajayenga”

God: “I could do that long time back…but you are all my children. Here…I will tell u a small story. A monkey lived happily with its children on big banyan tree inside a temple. The people in the village offered the monkey with food everyday. There was one naughty baby monkey which troubled and scared ppl of the village and the other was a good child. The mother tried to teach the naughty baby many times but failed. One fine day there was a huge Flood that hit the village! The mother had to hold both the babies and swim for long. Soon the mother realized she had to make the toughest choice ever a mother could make. She had to choose one among her babies. She looked into their eyes…they were both panicking and were holding on tight to their mom hoping mom will take them soon to a safe place. Tears filled in her eyes she picked up the naughty one…oh no!! the child knew it. It pleaded and said “Mom…no…let me live!” Mom with tears gave it a loving kiss and let it loose and stood for minute and watched the her own baby struggle to live...he kicked really hard but finally gave up and begun to drown. Not able to witness this cruel scene any more...her heart piercing she held the other baby and began to swim again…Yes!! It was horrible what happened to the baby that drowned but the mother had no choice. It was AWEFUL what happened to the mother...
God turned to Munna and said “what did you get from the story?”
Munna crying: “Baap hota tho dono bacha log bach jaate na??”

God: let me talk in your tongue now “Story apun bol raha hai ki thu??”
God graced a step closer to Munna…Munna took a step back and said “thu”

God graced another step closer “mere story mein tera character kaiku gussata hai? Seeda seeda answer dene ka nahi tho tapka Dalega” Munna took another step back still crying and said…“Sambaal! Tapke huye ko kitni baar tapkayega…ek tho tapkayo fir sad story…aur muft mein bache ko marr diya…upar se…” God starred at Munna and he knew it was a “enough is enough look”…
God continued: “Munna it’s the time of crisis now…and I have to make a choice among my children. Its very painful to let go of your child. Now you will take this message of mine to the world. Ppl laugh at you and learn from you. I want to save my pearls…and you will help me in converting more of my children in to pearls.

Munna: Woh Kaise??

God instructed Munna to kneel down in front of him in front him and blessed him as Munna was going to bliss he heard last God say “Chemical Locha Praptirastu”…
Thuddddddddd!! Lo!! I woke up with a strike…I looked around I was safe on my bed….in my ROOM!! Arreyyy!! I am alive??!! And there was standing Bapu ji! And this time it was not just Bapu, at times there was Swamy Vivekananda, Lord Rama
:O, Sai Baba, Bhaghat Singh, Mother Theresa!
“Baap re iss barr tho apun ki Watt lagne wali hai! Bole tum log jaldi se sari lessons ratt marane ka. Mera tho kaam sirf yeh Chemical locha sab ko de dalne ka! Fir dekna…ek gaal pe marne wala hii nahi hoga dusra gaal dikhane kha mauka heech nahi milega!!”
It’s true Munna! Chemical Locha in even 50% of our minds and the world will be a better place to live in! There will be no crisis time at all and our Divine Mother will have a much easier choice to make. Are you guys telling me “Looking London and talking Tokyo?” ya ya I know I know!! Will make it up….arrey bidu apun ko abhi tak God se milne ka chance nahi mila na!! ;)

Love All,
Ashu ;)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Take Me Back Home

Circle exists no more without a center!
Life exists no more without Death!

So it happened to me too! Dried up grass raise no more...he drenched me and nourished me to love him...only to realize he wants me no more and set me on fire to end it all. I was willing to burn of course i had no choice but to! no ouch no oopss...i was in perfect agreement with the fire! When the one who gives birth rejects to adopt the abandoned remains ABANDONED even in between the Ocean of love and relations.

It was a miracle and only a miracle could ever save...and it did happen...the rain showered and showered...healed the grass...held the grass close its heart and said, " I love you, I need you...i can bring down the heaven and all angels there to save you..." Absolutely silent the grass realized it just heard what it wanted to hear all this while. Scared of death again hesitantly i raised one foot closer in agreement and Lo!! he grabbed me into his arms held me tight and said, "what made you leave me? I waited hoping u wud return and so did you!! I am so glad you are all mine now"!

Dead Brown to Fresh Green...Dark and scary to safe and Light...the grass swayed loud to the world and said I forgive you!! Though u burnt me you returned my true love! I know Death close, I love it too!

Thx to ur love and spiritual kept me alive for a better purpose! I feel Chosen I feel a delight! This time i offer again in complete sereneness and there is no fear! I lost all that i had. All i have now is wat u gave me...I am willing to burn again but this time in the holy fire of love that u set for me ages back...I am waiting to reach you and for once and for all be all that you want me to be...Take me bak “HOME”!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Journey of a Little Heart

How rude can the world be;
on the little hearts who are hardly left with any tears to shed!
He asked me if he could;
The little heart said “with pleasure”!
He sow the seeds and begun to plough,
I knew not from where the joy of this pain came from!
I couldn’t but just surrender in deep fertile.
I stood the storms and bared the heat.

I led myself in the unknown way…deep into dark into the streets.
From my nest I flew to view,
The Dream World that exist no more
U took me by hand led me away, apart, far and out of sight!
Blind folded I dint realize the mist between
I saw the white but it was in between the black
Spot turned into hole. Learnt I that had no way out.
Falling down was obvious as the fold told me the tale behind.

Deep despair dwelled within…I knew not what I would do without you
Like savior of all…u swept me off…
Into the light into the warmth…
U gave me life u gave me this song,
And when u say, its not just to me but to all
Understands my heart in deep silence,
Hears ur breath and the unsung lull
Fears flew miles away darkness knew no way
Sweet Home we lived in never ended, its realms spread far away
Lovely flowers healthy light made our day and there was no night
More to receive was here on my way!

Miracles happen once in a while…just like the broken mirror was my heart
Joined in love they breathed again.
New life, new breath, everywhere!

Sometimes hard to believe the visible…but the unseen does more than u want
Believe in me and see the miracles,
Twist ur sword and sway in the wind!
U will know u were not alone.
He watched us all the way…every turn every road.
He waited for us to stretch our arms so that he could give us all he had
Dreams and realty switch their role…
I knew not where I came from but knew where to go.
Savior of earth and my little heart,
Which cries no more, but consoles all!

- Ash