Gubbachiya Inchara

Gubbachiya Inchara

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Journey of a Little Heart

How rude can the world be;
on the little hearts who are hardly left with any tears to shed!
He asked me if he could;
The little heart said “with pleasure”!
He sow the seeds and begun to plough,
I knew not from where the joy of this pain came from!
I couldn’t but just surrender in deep fertile.
I stood the storms and bared the heat.

I led myself in the unknown way…deep into dark into the streets.
From my nest I flew to view,
The Dream World that exist no more
U took me by hand led me away, apart, far and out of sight!
Blind folded I dint realize the mist between
I saw the white but it was in between the black
Spot turned into hole. Learnt I that had no way out.
Falling down was obvious as the fold told me the tale behind.

Deep despair dwelled within…I knew not what I would do without you
Like savior of all…u swept me off…
Into the light into the warmth…
U gave me life u gave me this song,
And when u say, its not just to me but to all
Understands my heart in deep silence,
Hears ur breath and the unsung lull
Fears flew miles away darkness knew no way
Sweet Home we lived in never ended, its realms spread far away
Lovely flowers healthy light made our day and there was no night
More to receive was here on my way!

Miracles happen once in a while…just like the broken mirror was my heart
Joined in love they breathed again.
New life, new breath, everywhere!

Sometimes hard to believe the visible…but the unseen does more than u want
Believe in me and see the miracles,
Twist ur sword and sway in the wind!
U will know u were not alone.
He watched us all the way…every turn every road.
He waited for us to stretch our arms so that he could give us all he had
Dreams and realty switch their role…
I knew not where I came from but knew where to go.
Savior of earth and my little heart,
Which cries no more, but consoles all!

- Ash