Gubbachiya Inchara

Gubbachiya Inchara

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Perfect Words to Win a Heart...

The rich pallu stayed heavy and elegant as it decorated me.
Heavy jewellery said no more than just a story of prosperity
Echoed the last words from parents out of sincerity
I was stepping into a world with absolutely no clarity…

As I knew not where I am heading to,
New was the place and new were you…
I hate to say this but I am still not sure
What am I up to or what is the lure

I had made a choice and that was you
And you were as new as the morning dew
Which could dry away, just as tender wind blew
As this thought crawled and grew
My heart shivered as it craved to know “who are you”

Just a total stranger whom I plan to grow old with
Am I dreaming or is it just a myth?
No retakes it’s true and not fake
Lifetime promise that I had made not to break
What if this turns out to be just one big mistake!!

I sat in silence amidst heavy noise
As if in agreement that I have no choice
Roses bright yet dull in their look
Sat by my side with their unknown duke
I knew not if they consoled me or wanted to be consoled
I just knew that I felt equally sold

As these thoughts domineered my view
I gazed through the window, into zeroes my thoughts flew
For a minute it scared me what misery this could be
Nightmare for life clutched, which would never set me free

I heard my heart screaming at me
“Just take a step and you will be free”
As I moved one step closer ready to flee
Felt a touch on my shoulder gentle but Glee
I knew it was over there no way I could disagree

As I turned around stood my partner in all his grace
“Isn’t it beautiful” he said with an embrace
As my Heart beats raised up to race
He held my hands as if in assurance
“Everything is perfect nothing to replace
Just your tears with a smile in its place”

To these words unfolded my tears
He laid my head gently on his shoulders
Shrugged my little heart & let the grudge molder
As He whispered into my ears
I feel I know you from years
You can feel my heart there is no fear
I know I am here just for you my dear

Cleared my doubts in just few words
Won my heart in just few flirts
He knew it was perfect and made me feel so
As if in agreement my heart took a bow
In front of my majesty who was not new any more
Royal and mine in just few seconds shore

- Ash