Gubbachiya Inchara

Gubbachiya Inchara

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Take Me Back Home

Circle exists no more without a center!
Life exists no more without Death!

So it happened to me too! Dried up grass raise no more...he drenched me and nourished me to love him...only to realize he wants me no more and set me on fire to end it all. I was willing to burn of course i had no choice but to! no ouch no oopss...i was in perfect agreement with the fire! When the one who gives birth rejects to adopt the abandoned remains ABANDONED even in between the Ocean of love and relations.

It was a miracle and only a miracle could ever save...and it did happen...the rain showered and showered...healed the grass...held the grass close its heart and said, " I love you, I need you...i can bring down the heaven and all angels there to save you..." Absolutely silent the grass realized it just heard what it wanted to hear all this while. Scared of death again hesitantly i raised one foot closer in agreement and Lo!! he grabbed me into his arms held me tight and said, "what made you leave me? I waited hoping u wud return and so did you!! I am so glad you are all mine now"!

Dead Brown to Fresh Green...Dark and scary to safe and Light...the grass swayed loud to the world and said I forgive you!! Though u burnt me you returned my true love! I know Death close, I love it too!

Thx to ur love and spiritual kept me alive for a better purpose! I feel Chosen I feel a delight! This time i offer again in complete sereneness and there is no fear! I lost all that i had. All i have now is wat u gave me...I am willing to burn again but this time in the holy fire of love that u set for me ages back...I am waiting to reach you and for once and for all be all that you want me to be...Take me bak “HOME”!