Gubbachiya Inchara

Gubbachiya Inchara

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rescue Team...Suggestions please

Little steps at a time as I walked in into my new company campus. I looked very confidant but internally I shivered to the core. Felt awful to depend on some one for every petty stuff…even going to the rest room!!! How embarrassing can this get?!

Slowly embarrassment took the back seat and curiosity creeped in! Pools, hang out spots, (dudes), basketball courts, Football courts,
Tennis Court

Now focus on my problem…….

Forced Schedule:

Coffee breaks – 1 hour
Canteen breaks – 1 Hr 30 mins
Mail Checking – 30 mins
Junk mails – 1 hr
Reading books / Magazine / Newspaper – 1 hr

Over all 5 hrs! How the hell am I supposed to spend the rest of 4hr 30 mins in this office? Darn!! Anybody has any suggestions to cut time?


All Sites Blocked! Including Google (yawnnnnnn)
Explored the home pages….ahhhhhhhh (wider yawn)


Manager. Very inspiring. Oh chuck it he is darn handsome!!!!!!!!! Droolllll :P

Oh man I cant believe I cant think of any other inspiration to come to off!!