Gubbachiya Inchara

Gubbachiya Inchara

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Make a difference...India Needs YOU

Today morning as I was running thru my hurried breakfast n was running short of time to reach office, something caught my attention.

“BREAKING NEWS: Anna Hazare Detained”

For wat fun? A man….a Old Man…who is fighting putting aside his health n risking his life for what??.... Just give it a thought and think twice before you start your day. I think this is kind of worse than Britisher’s rule. Awkward Govt, intelligent and good hearted but Coward Prime Minister, dirty politicians!! Is this wat india attained its independence for?

Time to clean up our nation which is impossible unless u n me stand up. Don’t wait for a Bhagath Singh in the neighborhood I think high time we pull up our socks n show the dirty politicians wat happens when we wake up!

Those of you (includes me) who always felt sorry that we were not around to stand next to Mahatma Gandhi when he was dragged on roads and was charged by laati prahar here is another chance. I am heading to the freedom park. Please do make your presence felt…so that we have a glorious story to tell our children…n proud that we contributed too.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Sweet to Sour??!

I hated the beep sound every time notifying there is a new mail…which means more work just when I was hanging high on moving mountain sort tasks!
I just glanced at the time & noticed that it was 3 PM. I had done total injustice to myself by not feeding even a grain since morning! Frowning I locked my system (I hoped to break it though) & decided to step out ALONE for lunch.

I decided to do something out of routine hence thought of delighting my taste buds with some yum at a fine restaurant ALONE. As I walked my way thru the drizzle the tip tip sound on my umbrella kept me occupied more than the traffic buzz. I grabbed a Mango juice, my company for on the way.

Something caught my attention, a huge yellow school bus halted amidst freaking traffic. A lady curiously leaned inside searching for, I suppose, her baby doll. The helper picked up a sleeping beauty…(may be 4yr ) n the stuff laying around her & handed them over to the mother. The lady carefully laid her princess undisturbed on her shoulder and went through her belongings. She noticed her one ribbon was gone n the school bag was not hers. She exchanged the bag with another beauty’s who all this while had least realized her bag was gone & continued to chat along not bothered again. The helper surfed thru the van n picked up a satin ribbon and handed it over to the lady. Satisfied the mom walked away with the luggage in one hand and her sleeping beauty in other managing an umbrella just enough to guard the little one. I am sure she woke up in her room without a tinge of surprise or wonder how she got there.

As I watched this something mumbled in my thoughts. I reached the restaurant and ignorantly ordered the first thing in the menu & waited for the server to return with my order. Bored n awkward I picked up my mobile to call a friend. Just then I realized my mobile was switched off reminding me the reason for it to be silent with no work related talks all this while.

Strangely the “sleeping beauty” dint put a smile on my face….She instead made me feel restless. I brooded over my strange reaction. As I walked past the kindergarten on to my office…there was an obvious difference in the vibration…I guess stress! Serious ambulance siren that seemed to ring on everyone walking there. Everyone hurrying to…to….to nowhere! A mango when born is ignored but as it ripens it grows sweeter, colorful, attractive & in demand. Something everyone loved the sense when it lingered on your tongue…isn’t this exactly how our lives are supposed to be? In line with nature!? As we grew older the sweetness is somehow missing & instead we are becoming harder & sourer! Have we lost it?