Gubbachiya Inchara

Gubbachiya Inchara

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentine's Day FREE Event- Meditation on Twin Hearts

Valentine’s day…candle light dinners, red roses, romantic get aways…here is a spl way to celebrate. Not only give a new meaning to LOVE but rejuvenate your love for all.

Valentine’s Day is usually a day to say the 3 special words “I Love You”…to your beloved…your spouse or your special someone. Ever consider embracing mother Earth & actually contribute an “I Love you” to her? Here is an occasion….

To experience the Meditation on Twin Hearts is like immersing self in an ocean of Bliss & Stillness. It acts like a bridge for emotional love (Heart chakra) & Divine Love (Crown chakra). The meditator acts as a Divine Channel to manifest Peace, Love, & the Will to do Good.

By practicing Meditation on Twin Hearts you develop the aspect of compassion and loving kindness. Divine energy flows down & flushes out negative thoughts & emotions within you & also around your surroundings.

The Meditation on Twin Hearts is a noble tool that hopes to raise one’s vibrations towards higher states of awareness & consciousness.
Heal the World…make it a better place….for you and for me and for the entire universe J
FREE            MEDITATION    ON    TWIN    HEARTS  in true spirit of Valentine’s Day….come refresh your heart and your love…heal your relationships.